Central Kansas Terminal & Processor Daily Grain Report
USDA - Tue Dec 04, 3:18PM CST
Dodge City, KS     Tue, Dec 04, 2018     USDA-KS Dept of Ag Market News

Central Kansas Terminal and Processor Daily Grain Report

***This report will not be published on December 5 due to holiday.
The next publish date will be Thursday, December 6, 2018.***

                                  TERMINAL HRW WHEAT ORD US NO 1
                       Bids           Change (�/bu)             Basis                 Change
Atchison              4.4525             DN 1.25                 -60H                  UNCH
Topeka                4.8025             DN 1.25                 -25H                  UNCH
Concordia             4.6025             DN 1.25                 -45H                  UNCH
Salina            4.7025-4.8025          DN 1.25             -35H to -25H              UNCH
Great Bend            4.7025             DN 1.25                 -35H                  UNCH
Newton                4.6625             UP 3.75                 -39H                  UP 5
Hutchinson        4.6625-4.7025      UP 3.75-DN 1.25         -39H to -35H           UP 5-UNCH
Wichita           4.7725-4.8225      DN 1.25-UP 3.75         -28H to -23H           UNCH-UP 5
Wellington        4.6525-4.7825      DN 1.25-UP 11.25        -40H to -27H           UNCH-No Comp
Arkansas City         4.7825             UP 11.25                -27H                 No Comp

                                  TERMINAL HWW WHEAT ORD US NO 2
                       Bids           Change (�/bu)             Basis                 Change
Wichita               4.7725             DN 1.25                 -28H                  UNCH

                                  TERMINAL US NO 2 YELLOW CORN
                       Bids           Change (�/bu)             Basis                 Change
Atchison              3.7475             UP 2.75                 -10H                  UNCH
Topeka                3.7475             UP 2.75                 -10H                  UNCH
Salina            3.3975-3.4975          UP 2.75             -45H to -35H              UNCH
Newton                3.2575             UP 2.75                 -59H                  UNCH
Hutchinson        3.4275-3.4675          UP 2.75             -42H to -38H              UNCH
Wichita                 NA                  NA                    NA                    NA
Wellington            3.4475             DN 2.25                 -40H                 No Comp
Arkansas City         3.4475              UP 8.5                 -40H                 No Comp

                                  TERMINAL US NO 2 SORGHUM
                       Bids           Change (�/cwt)            Basis                 Change
Topeka                 6.25                UP 5                  -35H                  UNCH
Concordia              5.41                UP 5                  -82H                  UNCH
Salina                 5.89                UP 5                  -55H                  UNCH
Newton                  NA                  NA                    NA                    NA
Hutchinson          5.41-5.58           UP 5-UP 4            -82H to -72H              UNCH
Wichita                 NA                  NA                    NA                    NA
Wellington          5.78-5.98           UP 4-UP 5            -61H to -50H           No Comp-UNCH
Arkansas City          5.76                UP 4                  -62H                 No Comp
Great Bend             5.85                UP 5                  -57H                  UNCH

                                  TERMINAL US NO 2 SOYBEANS
                       Bids           Change (�/bu)             Basis                 Change
Atchison              8.5675               UP 6                  -55F                  UNCH
Topeka                8.5675               UP 6                  -55F                  UNCH
Salina            8.0675-8.1675            UP 6             -105F to -95F              UNCH
Newton                7.9475               UP 6                 -117F                  UNCH
Hutchinson        7.9475-8.0675            UP 6             -117F to -105F             UNCH
Wichita               8.0475               UP 6                 -107F                  UNCH
Wellington            7.9675               UP 6                 -115F                  UNCH
Arkansas City         7.9475               UP 6                 -117F                  UNCH

                                  PROCESSOR HRW WHEAT US NO 1
                       Bids           Change (�/bu)             Basis                 Change
Wichita-Ord             NA                  NA                    NA                    NA
Wichita-11%             NA                  NA                    NA                    NA
Wichita-11.5%           NA                  NA                    NA                    NA
Wichita-12%             NA                  NA                    NA                    NA
Wichita-12.5%           NA                  NA                    NA                    NA
Wichita-13%             NA                  NA                    NA                    NA
Wichita-13.5%           NA                  NA                    NA                    NA
Wichita-14%             NA                  NA                    NA                    NA

                                  PROCESSOR US NO 2 YELLOW CORN
                       Bids           Change (�/bu)             Basis                 Change
Atchison              3.6875             UP 2.75                 -16H                  UNCH

                                  PROCESSOR US NO 2 SOYBEANS
                       Bids           Change (�/bu)             Basis                 Change
Emporia               8.6675               UP 6                  -45F                  UNCH
Wichita               8.6175               UP 6                  -50F                  UNCH

* All bids are $/bu except Sorghum, which is $/cwt.

Chicago Board of Trade month symbols: F January, G February, H March, J April,
K May, M June, N July, Q August, U September, V October, X November, Z December

Source: USDA-KS Department of Ag Market News Service, Dodge City, KS
        Sharon Smith  620-227-8881  DodgeCity.LPGMN@ams.usda.gov

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