Western Kansas Grain Market Report
USDA - Wed Sep 13, 2:46PM CDT
Dodge City, KS     Wed, Sep 13, 2017     USDA-KS Dept of Ag Market News

Western Kansas Grain Markets

Wednesday's closing elevator grain bids:

                                HRW WHEAT ORD US NO 1
                     Bids          Change (�/bu)           Basis               Change
Dodge City           3.44              UP 2.5              -100Z                UNCH
Colby                3.42              UP 2.5              -102Z                UNCH
Garden City        3.44-3.45       UP 12.5-UP 2.5      -100Z to -99Z         UP 10-UNCH
Goodland             3.39              UP 2.5              -105Z                UNCH
Protection           3.34              UP 2.5              -110Z                UNCH
Scott City           3.40              UP 2.5              -104Z                UNCH
Sublette           3.49-3.54           UP 2.5           -95Z to -90Z            UNCH
Syracuse             3.59              UP 2.5               -85Z                UNCH
Ulysses              3.54              UP 2.5               -90Z                UNCH

                                US NO 2 YELLOW CORN
                     Bids          Change (�/bu)           Basis               Change
Dodge City           3.32               UNCH                -20Z                UNCH
Colby                3.15               UNCH                -37Z                UNCH
Garden City        3.32-3.37            UNCH            -20Z to -15Z            UNCH
Protection           3.27               UNCH                -25Z                UNCH
Scott City           3.27               UNCH                -25Z                UNCH
Sublette           3.40-3.42            UNCH            -12Z to -10Z            UNCH
Syracuse             3.27               UNCH                -25Z                UNCH
Ulysses              3.39               UP 2                -13Z                UP 2

                                  US NO 2 SORGHUM
                     Bids          Change (�/cwt)          Basis               Change
Dodge City           4.94               UNCH                -75Z                UNCH
Colby                5.29               UNCH                -55Z                UNCH
Garden City        4.85-4.94            UNCH            -80Z to -75Z            UNCH
Protection           4.94               UNCH                -75Z                UNCH
Scott City           4.85               UNCH                -80Z                UNCH
Sublette           4.99-5.03            UNCH            -72Z to -70Z            UNCH
Syracuse             5.03               UNCH                -70Z                UNCH
Ulysses              5.03               UNCH                -70Z                UNCH

                                US NO 2 YELLOW SOYBEANS
                     Bids          Change (�/bu)           Basis               Change
Dodge City           8.51              UP 10               -110X                UNCH
Colby                8.26              UP 10               -135X                UNCH
Garden City        8.31-8.51           UP 10           -130X to -110X           UNCH
Protection           8.61              UP 10               -100X                UNCH
Scott City           8.49              UP 10               -112X                UNCH
Sublette           8.31-8.51           UP 10           -130X to -110X           UNCH
Ulysses              8.31              UP 10               -130X                UNCH

                                US NO 2 SORGHUM - FEEDMILL BID
                     Bids          Change (�/cwt)          Basis               Change
Ashland              5.38               UNCH                -50Z                UNCH

Cotton Grade 41, Leaf 4, Staple 34, West Texas base price 68.50 cents per pound
FOB Railcar or Truck

* All bids are $/bu except Sorghum, which is $/cwt.

Chicago Board of Trade month symbols: F January, G February, H March, J April,
K May, M June, N July, Q August, U September, V October, X November, Z December

Source: USDA-KS Department of Ag Market News Service, Dodge City, KS
        Sharon Smith  620-227-8881  DodgeCity.LPGMN@ams.usda.gov

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